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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, every day I am faced with the temptation to eat from the forbidden tree. I have failed you miserably so many times running away from you naked in my sin. Alone in the darkness of my own hell you always come looking for me. Please don't stop looking for me. Please keep calling out my name, I will meet you in the secret place! Even in all my shame I will come out into the light of your presence. Forgive me Lord, I ate of the forbidden fruit today. I am not worthy to look upon such a holy and righteous God. Cover me Jesus with your robe, cleanse my guilt with your blood. I am living in sorrow and need the power of Holy Spirit to lift me out OF despair. Once again I have been deceived by the serpent and ate of that which brings sin and death. I did eat and enjoyed every bite, but the pain and suffering of disappointing you is to great to bear. Lord, lead me as a sheperd to green pastures, away from evil and its desires. Keep my mind and energy focused on you, the true tree of life. Feed me, give me drink that satisfies more than just my flesh but my entire soul! Fill me Holy Spirit and let me rest in your rivers of peace.    

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