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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Lord, our country needs healing. So many people hurting from willfull sin, so many people dying from ignorance. The blood of the innocence cries up to you and the violence of the wicked is a stench to you. Help us Jesus to forgive each other of the most darkest of sins. Without your Holy Spirit we will sin against each other. Fathers and mothers will never reconcile with their children. And children will never turn their hearts to their parents. Without your voice of reason Oh God the rich will never love the poor. No amount of money will bring peace to land. We need righteousness to come in like a flood and wash away all our guilt and shame. People live in the darkness because they have no light in them. Meaning they have no hope because sin has destroyed their lives. If we humbly pray and turn back to you and stop sinning, then you will answer us from heaven. You will forgive us and make our land and our lives fertile once again. Mourn, you people of this nation! Sing a song of mourning on the hilltops. Quick! Begin your weeping! Let the tears flow from your eyes. May God have mercy where judgment is deserved. May healing flow out to the hardest of hearts and a fresh Pentecost flow into our cities.

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