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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

There was a time to tear apart but now it is due time to sow together what has been torn. Before you throw that broken cup away, He can fix it and fill it with his presence. It is true God does use broken things. Before you throw those filthy rags away, He can wash them and clean then as white as wool. It is true God does use broken things. Before you throw your broken life away, He can fix it and give you something worthy to live for. What is broken can be mended. What is shattered can be put back together. What is diseased can be cured. What the enemy intended to destroy, God intended it all for good. He brought us to this position in life so we could share the Gospel. We have the opportunity to save the lives of many people through the power of Christ in us.

If people don't pour new wine into old wineskins. Will not God in Christ pour new wine, new passion for life in us, even in our own feeble bodies. We have a new heart and new mind able to carry the Presence of Holy Spirit. Our new heart skins are strong and sturdy though our flesh is perishing. All of us are chipped and cracked on the outside because of sin. But because of Christ on the inside we are as good as new. Soon we will have new bodies reflecting the beautiful work Christ has done on the inside of us. For now, lets allow God to shine his handiwork in our hearts through the broken parts of our lives. 

Meditate Mark 2:2 

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