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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The riches of knowing Him. I am rolling deep in the riches of his glory. Knowledge of him is stacked up in my heart bank. He is making it rain spiritual blessings in me and through me. The living word inside me looks like a wad of cash shuffling in someones hand. I am so spiritually rich in Christ I have more than enough to give away. Knowing him provides me the purest of linens for my soul. The most precious of oils for my heart and mind. No physical blessing could compare to the greatness of knowing Jesus Christ my Lord. If you are in debt of soul leaving God notes of iou's. Ask Jesus to fill your bankrupt soul and give you treasure to live for. And real treasure is knowing him. You will never be poor in spirit again, even if you leave this world naked the way you came. Your net worth is in Christ, as he is so richly worthy of all our praise.

Study Rom. 11:33 

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