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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

The adulterous snake. Look how it slithers through the hearts of humanity. Doesn't even wipe it's mouth or clean the blood off its fangs before it goes to next poor soul. The smell of drunk lust reeks from its skin as it excites the desires of the flesh. It has seductive eyes that leads many to darken areas, thinking no eye will see them, "I will cover my face," they say. The serpents tongue is deceptive and sharp, as it licks the lips of desire leaving its poison of addiction behind. Yes, the adulterous snake is hissing at your door, will you let it crawl in? Let us not be destroyed by serpents. Live in the light so Christ can crush every slithering evil desire that comes your way. But live in the darkness without Jesus, and you will have to fend these serpents off by yourself. Soon, even the best of sinful people, will succumb to sin and death without Christ. Being destroyed by adulterous serpents. Study 1 Cor. 10:9 

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