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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

My son went in for surgery to remove four teeth that had become impacted. They were blocking other teeth that were trying to come out. This surgery would allow good growth for a healthy and vigorous smile. There are things in our lives that have become impacted and are stunting our growth. We are to be growing daily into the image of Christ, but sin and death is trying to quench the Holy Spirit in us. God has to remove these things from our lives, and yes it will hurt. But it is for our own good because God in Christ has so much righteous fruit for us to enjoy. But it will take pruning and discipline to be Holy like our Father in Heaven is. Before the surgery started my son was very nervous and scared. I told him when you feel fear and doubt coming in, call on the name of Jesus. He will give you courage and strength. He nervously smiled as I got to witness in front of all the nurses about Christ love and care for his children. Thirty minutes later, the nurse came and got me, told me everything was fine. Your son was a perfect gentlemen and showed a lot of bravery for removing that many teeth. I spoke to him while driving back home and he told me while he was in surgery he had a dream. In this dream he was scared because he was falling very rapidly. Suddenly he saw two golden hands come out of the darkness and hold him up! Amen. He said he feared no more and woke up resting in those arms. I pray today that whatever this new year God has to remove because it has become impacted. That you would be filled with courage and strength knowing that two golden hands from the throne above will be keeping you from falling. Meditate Jude 1:24

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