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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Oh God! Please don't touch it. Please don't make me expose it. Its so painful and so embarassing. I have covered it up and bandaided it away from memory. I only feel it when guilt shows its ugly face. I suppress it with my evil vices hoping to just get a moment of peace. But no peace comes to the restless sinners heart. I know Lord, you want to come to you but I am naked and afraid of judgment. So I hide from you while at church, at work and in my relationships. The pain has gotten real though Lord and I am done hiding. Come heal these wounds in my heart that have become rotten. Come rub the salve of your love over my open sores of sin. Heal me in your abundant waters of grace! Your presence alone has brought peace to my soul. I give you control to touch my heart and free me from the sorrow of sin. Repentance never felt so good. Study Rev. 3:18 

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