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Friday Morning Zoom Battle Prayer 11/10/23

Friday morning zoom Battle Prayer is on! Let’s do this! New week, with same great theme and topic. Come join with brothers in Christ and let’s grow together in the knowledge of Jesus. The LORD is raising up men that understand the times they are living in and want to pursue stronger relationship with God and each other.

This new week we are starting a new series.

Overall Theme: Meditations in the book of Psalms

Topics: Psalm 20, Psalm 21, Psalm 4 

The spiritual practice of meditation is not unique to Christianity. Many non-Christian religions and secular groups practice meditation. However, when the Bible speaks of meditation, as it often does, it is not the kind of meditation that seeks to disengage, silence, or empty the mind, as in Transcendental or Buddhist forms of meditation. The Scriptures teach meditation that actively engages the mind for the purpose of understanding God’s Word and putting it into practice. How can we meditate on God’s Word so that it produces in us fruitful and holy lives before God?

Meditation requires time and effort. It can’t be rushed. It involves withdrawing from the distractions of this life so that we can fix our thoughts on God and His Word. By shutting out the noise of this world, we are better able to focus our attention on God and understand His ways: “I have more insight than all my teachers, for I meditate on your statutes” (Psalm 119:99).

Meditation is a way of internalizing God’s Word—taking it deep into our hearts—so that the Holy Spirit can work through it to guide, teach, purify, and transform us from within. We can listen to the Bible, read it, and memorize Scripture to get it into our minds, but then we must also ponder it continually in our hearts so that we gain a deeper understanding of it and how it applies to our lives.

Friday morning zoom battle prayer link:

5:00am-6:00am. Come and go as you can. See you in the morning. Link is also available on the ministry website

Battle music link for the morning:

Remember battle prayer notes are available on ministry forum after zoom session:

Battle prayer- Mens Giving this month is for our brother Johnny Wyatte. If you are able please read and help meet the need.

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