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God Will Restore You

Good morning Brothers. Happy Sunday. God loves you. I love you. Praise God for waking you up this morning. Let’s sing, So many times in life before, I tried and tried to do things my way. I thought that I was smart enough, I thought I knew enough to handle it myself. I didn't realize the problem was, the struggle was between my will and Yours. So I'm giving up my will for Yours, I'm totally depending on You, please come through. I have no other choice,but to trust You. That's all I can do. I have,no other choice but to believe! Today’s verse is from Jeremiah 31:25. I will refresh the weary and satisfy the faint. Some seasons of life are exhausting and difficult to persevere through. So if you feel tired and exhausted, take a moment to sit with God in prayer. His character never changes. He is the same God who continually refreshes His people. Allow Him to refresh you and give you rest, build a habit of talking with God everyday. God loves you. Have a blessed day.


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