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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Getting towed. The process of getting towed is never delightful. Its a lot of waiting and the unknown, hoping your car is not as bad as it looks. I am use to seeing others in the side of their own with their cars broke down. But when it happens to you, you feel that anguish and pain. Getting towed is a process though. When you see that tow truck coming its a such a relief, even the price of it is worth it. The driver pulls up, picks you up and ask you where you need to drop off your car for repair. The repair is a whole other process but you have to get their first. Isn't that the same way with so many things in our life. We want to rush things through and stress about the future. But all we can do is deal with what's in front of us. Don't miss the blessing of God with you in the midst of the storm. We all are going through the refining process, and the things of this world will soon fade away. What remains is faith, hope and love. Yes, we will be towed and need repairs more often than not. Soon though the light will shine in darkness and we will be on our way to life eternal. On the road of life we will need to be towed many times. Christ is there to pick us up and get us to our best destination in this life and the next.

Meditate Is. 42:16


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