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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Walking on waters of faith. I see a man walking on water splashing as he goes. No more sinking as a dead man. No more floating dead. But alive in spirit and walking by faith. We are use to living in rough waters, getting tossed back and forth never able to live above the watery trials of life. Then Jesus comes along and calls us up out of our sins. Up out of the trails and tribulations we live in. Wanting us to walk on water, above our circumstances and standard norms. And pursue a righteous life that is supplied by rivers of living water living in you. Jesus walked on the raging waters of this world to show us a new way to live. He allowed himself to be consumed by death so that we can attain life. Life out of a watery grave of baptism, so we could learn to walk of waters of faith. When we chose to live by faith it is as if we are walking on water. Sounds impossible to the naked eye, but to God in Christ all things are possible. Stop swimming endlessly and stop striving to just survive. Lets focus our eyes on Jesus and pursue his high calling. He will cause us to walk by faith lead by rivers and streams of spirit and life. Look, I am walking above troubled waters. Lead me LORD Jesus, I'm coming towards you to find real eternal life.

Meditate Matt. 14:25

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