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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Natural beauty is a gift. Everyone can notice it when they walk in a room. For others it’s their character that makes the outer beauty more attractive. And yet some use there body in a perogative way that attracts physical desire. All in all beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and it can take your breath away. You have been their before, maybe a beautiful person walks in, maybe a setting sunset, or maybe a painting that stirs your spirit. Beauty is meant to inspire, but sinful human nature likes to selfishly destroy. It takes what it wants and fleshly burps of its approval. But true beauty comes from seeing things through our Creators eyes. His meaningful purpose for all things and his signature of beauty all over it. Everything he has made is beautiful, even in its own time. There is something physical beauty cannot give, and that’s essence. Only the inner beauty of Holy Spirit can provide. Essence is the intrinsic nature and indispensable quality of something, especially something abstract, that determines its character. Just as Freedom is the very essence of democracy. So is the Holy Spirit the essence of all the creation. It’s the power of God that lets you have the ability to notice something beautiful. It’s his essence and very nature born in you. If all you see is the physical beauty of thing you are missing the essence. Stick around longer, linger and you will see how God makes things beauty in its time. What makes someone even more beautiful is there spirit. Some of the most beautiful people are so ugly on the inside. There outer beauty is a waste of a gifts. Imagine the gift of beauty on the outside as a gift of encouragement, and not a gift used as an lustful instrument. From a pure heart we can see and appreciate beautiful people, beautiful art, beautiful creation, and a beautiful life we have been given. So many people live in the ugliest of sins that nothing in life has beauty and wonder. LORD help is to live in the beauty of your love so we can appreciate your gift of life, love, and pursuit of happiness.

Meditate 1 John 4:8


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