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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

Let me encourage you to believe again. Oh if we would just believe. That is the essence of our faith and the strength of our hope. Trusting in God is a day by day process. I know bad things happen to good people. I know just trying again hurts because of all the failure. But let’s be reminded as another Christmas season approaches to believe in the love of God poured out in Jesus. We were dreamers not so long ago. But one by one we all had to grow up in godly maturity. When it seems the magic of our faith has slipped away. Let’s find it again in the approaching Christmas Day. Yes, believe again. Believe in what your heart is saying. There’s no time to waste and there is so much to celebrate. Believe in what you feel inside. You have everything you need in the gift of Christ in you. Look into the eyes of baby Jesus again. All is well. Believe! Anything is possible for those who believe. Say LORD. I do believe; help my unbelief! I will pray for you will you pray for me?


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