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Oh To Be Wise Meditations

The Real Cliffhanger. Usually the story goes that someone is falling of a cliff and another person is trying to save them. Two scenarios usually happen where the person falling is picked or falls to their death. But think about this, you never hear the person trying to save someone actually fall with them to their death. Stay with me here. That would be pointless to fall with the person that is falling. But that is what Jesus did for us on the Cross. He took fallen humanity and died to save them. Praise God that He was able to raise himself up again by his own power and now lives to intercede even to the uttermost. Yes, Jesus catches us mid air and protects our fall from death and brings us to life. Wow to those who have fallen into the pit of sin and despair, holding onto the cliff of this life hoping to find real answers before they leave this world. Jesus is the answer. For those who are slipping and losing grip on reality, trust in Christ and his blood shed for us. We all will fall one day into the abyss of death. Make sure Jesus is falling with you, he will protect you from everlasting hell and land you safely into eternal life.

Meditate Ps. 139:8


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