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Oh To Be Wise Meditations.

When I pray I fill myself up with life and inner strength. I desperately need the Holy Spirit to intercede for me and give me what to pray. To pray the will of God and not pray amiss with the unstable feelings of the flesh. Scripture says to fill your mind with good things, what better way than through secret prayer. In Gods presence is fullness of joy and at his right hand are pleasures forevermore. Good people do good things because of the good in their hearts, but bad people do bad things because of the evil in their hearts. Your words show what is in your heart. If we are spending our time with God more and more we are then filled with good things constantly. Praying in the Spirit we are constantly flowing with Gods power. And when we are filled we are like a good tree that bears good fruit in season and out of season. But a bad tree bears bad fruit. A mind not stayed on Christ is destined to wither and fail. When I pray I fill myself up. Jesus, you give me life everyday more than just my physical bread, but my spiritual bread as well.

Meditate Eph. 6:18


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