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Proverbs of 39 yr old man

Flip the switch. Wake up the beast inside you. The lion of Judah roars with his passion and fire! The cares of this world along with the troubles we are facing bear heavy on our hearts and minds. We like to live in the dark and keep the light we have under our beds. We hibernate ourselves and sleep our days away in excuse and doubt. Meanwhile the Lion of Judah is postured in victory as He looks down from Heaven to find those whom He could show himself strong. The Spirit of Christ is a mighty river flowing and with one drink of spirit and life, we can be set on fire with holy perseverance and will. So come on oh weary soul, don't you get shy on me,

Lift up your song of victory in Christ alone, because you have got a lion inside of those lungs! Get up and praise the Lord. Ask Jesus today to flip the switch of your heart and turn your darkness to light. To awaken the passion of Christ birth in you through the Cross. To truly know the power of his resurrection and the fellowship of his sufferings. Many of us are content being dead lions of faith, even ok with just being live dogs that scrap for the food in the meaningless things of this world. Rise up oh lion of faith. The Lion of Judah is on the hunt. Everyone wants to eat but few are willing to go and hunt with him. Living a life of prayer without ceasing with a holy passion for the fruit of the Spirit. There is no law against these powerful virtues. May they all overflow in you and cause you to roar Heavens Praises to the King of Kings Jesus.

Study Eccles. 9:4


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