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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Before you knew God, you were living a bad life and deserved punishment. God showed you mercy by forgiving you instead of punishing you. Cleaning you up and adopting you into his heavenly family. Giving you a righteous cause to live for which is the glory of Christ, and also the opportunity to know God as Lord and personal Savior. There will still be suffering as a member of Gods family here on earth. But as we grow in the knowledge of the power in Christ's resurrection and gain the fellowship of his sufferings. We receive Gods new life, being made alive in spirit. Having a new birth experience through the gift of faith, hope and love found in Jesus. Have hope in God by expecting all that God has promised for Christians in the future. We cannot guess what God will do, we have to trust him. Praise God that we have a living hope because God raised Jesus from death! And because of that God will raise us from death too. You have so much to live for because you know Jesus Christ.

Study 1 Timothy 4:10

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