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Proverbs of a 36 yr old man

Spiritual Prevention. The sanitary and dietary laws of the Israelite's served as protection against many diseases that plagued the neighboring nations. Following the wisdom and instruction of God was good for the body and mind. There medical practice emphasized prevention more than a cure.Praise God, Jesus has provided the cure for sin in our lives through the Cross. His death was the antidote and his life is the application for us today. Christ life is the light for humanity and is what we are to imitate daily. He has given us new joyful hearts filled with spirit and life. And as we remain cheerful in hope, it keeps us both spiritually and physically healthy. It is slow death to be gloomy all the time and it will quench our spirits into despair. Practice your spiritual prevention daily, avoid the sins that the world gets enamored with. Save yourself that trouble, you once were entangled in those desires but now you have a higher calling of prevention. Not only for wisdom's sake but for righteousness sake. Honor Christ through relationship with Him, allowing Holy Spirit to build up a holy resistance in you, filling you with good things that reap eternal life. An ounce of godly prevention is worth a pound of cure. The LORD looks at the heart as the wellspring of life. Spiritual prevention in the heart protects the mind, body and soul. Study Prov. 15:13


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