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Proverbs of a 37 yr old man

The heart of a volcano. The heart of a volcano is deep inside. But when deep calls to deep, what's been dormant for years comes to life. Exploding fire and passion, melting with fervency the old ground and refining the new. Forming new layers and sediment you never knew their could be. Yes, deeper ground than ever before pouring down from the heart of a volcano. Look inside if you dare down the heart of this volcano. Its hot and very intense with burning lava deep within. This heat springs forth from way deeper than the tectonic plates of the heart. Coming from the very core of person. Beyond the flesh and blood, where the spirit of man is. Oh yes, right there where life begins and has its meaning. Humanity at its core came from God, when He breathed into the first Adam and gave him the fire of life. Soon to be put out by the power of sin and death. But real fire and life comes from God. Jesus has the power to lay his life down and take it up again! He can restore a volcano that has been dormant for years, because He was there before the beginning. We were meant to be fire volcanoes filled with life for God. Instead humanity is but a mist, a small geyser for God. In Christ you can have the passionate life within you that you dream of. And that's called eternity in our hearts, a fire to live and thrive beyond what we can earthly see. There has got to be more? That more can only be met by Jesus Himself. On the Cross He shook the earths core to break through your dormant heart. Feel the rumble deep within. Feel your heart as it trembles before the Living God! How amazing is the heart of a volcano exploding in the air! Those with a reverent fear of the LORD are in awe of the power that flows out of your heart and mind. Jesus is transforming you from your core into something new. He makes all things new according to His very own image. You have the heart of a volcano. Let God blow you away with His Love for you. Jesus can start the change, small and deep inside your heart. Soon you will see the lava of Holy Spirit transform the landscape and texture of your heart. He is forming new things new passions in you, through the heart of His Volcano in you. Open the heavens like a curtain and come down, LORD. Touch the mountains of my heart and make them send up smoke for your glory!.

Study Is. 64:1


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