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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Does no one drive the speed limit anymore? It’s all about the flow of traffic and everyone doing what is right in their own eyes. No one honors the commandment of the speed limit anymore. It’s archaic and slow, we are a progressive society and we need more speed to keep up with this desperate race we call life. Police no longer even flash radar guns in fear of being judged by popular opinion. This is there fault though because they had become so strict becoming a law unto themselves instead of serving and protecting our communities. Now no one respects the speed limit and every one drives how they want. More accidents at a higher velocity causing more destruction in families and homes. Amazing how if just breaking one commandment you can break them all. We need the complete law of liberty again to guard and drive each heart daily. Imagine again though strange, everyone close again to that speed limit, both the fast and the slow. No one’s perfect, only Jesus could drive perfectly spot on, on that speed limit all the time. It’s time we follow behind his way of life and stop following the ways of the world. Jesus knows the way perfectly to abundant life, humbly follow behind him and He will keep you close to that speed limit. Its ok, let others pass you by. They will soon meet their demise driving recklessly in these roads of life. Wide is road that leads to destruction and it is easy to just ignorantly follow the world. Live carefully, follow Christ.

Study James 2:10


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