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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

Take a walk in the park. Enjoy the green pastures and the Sun glistening through the trees. Listen to the sound of people breathing and exhaling their stress away. I see dogs chasing the wind and squirrels finding their dropped acorns. I see families reconnecting and loved ones redeeming the time. The old and the young are here, children love the playground just like the adults love sitting by a lake.  Amazing how nature likes to remind us of the joy of creation and how everything reflects the glory of God it’s Maker. All of us are apart of this great canvas called Earth. It hangs amongst the stars in all its colorful beauty. Come get closer,  past the atmosphere and into the clouds. Into a world that is beaming with life. Things may look like chaos but yet it is thrilling art in motion. Life and death, Spirit and life. Oh how wonderful are the things of God, too wonderful for my mind to comprehend! Think about this, a tree may fall nearby but no one hears it. It’s falls spectacular leaving behind a majestic tapestry of skill and craftsmanship, as it rests beautifully on soft pond waters and almost neon green lilly pads. This is not a lost art in the middle of nowhere though. Some one with the Image and Spirit of God will eventually walk by and say who put that there? Wow, that is art and life in motion, the Spirit of God on Earth and in this world. It's takes art to know art and it's painter. Yes, all this from a walk in a park.

Study Eccles 11:3


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