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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

When you eat or drink or do anything else, always do it to honor God. Do it all to the glory of God! Imagine giving God the glory as a daily lifestyle you practice! A chivalry you keep as a way of demonstrating respect for God's design and purpose each new day. This is not an easy task and even impossible to take on. But filled with the Holy Spirit we can do the impossible and daily grow in wisdom and stature with God and man. Remember that we give glory to God when we honor one another as well, even to the point where we love our enemies honors God. Honor Christ and put others first. That should be our heart cry daily. Yes, submitting to one another out of reverence for Jesus. Don't be jealous or proud, but be humble and consider others more important than yourselves. Care about them as much as you care about yourselves. Why you say? Because we are to have the same attitude in ourselves which was in Christ Jesus, look to Him as our example in selfless humility. Why do you honor God? Because God honored us first through the message of Gospel. Jesus walked it out for us to follow his example of how to honor God with our lives! Oh the glory of Your presence Jesus! We your temple give You reverence, come and rise from Your rest and be blessed by our praise! As we glory in Your embrace, as Your presence now fills this place. Jesus all-glorious create in us a temple. Called as living stones where you're enthroned. As you rose from death in power so rise within our worship! Rise upon our praise and let the hand that saw you raised clothe us in your glory. Draw us by your grace as your presence now fills this place, this holy place in me where your presence dwells.

Study Phil. 1:11


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