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Proverbs of a 39 yr old man

The enemy of our souls likes to sift peoples hearts and lives like wheat. To shake us apart or break a person down. In biblical times, wheat or other grain was sifted through a sieve or large strainer. As it was shaken violently, the dirt and other impurities that clung to the grain during the threshing process would separate from the good, usable grain. In sifting Peter and the other disciples as wheat, Satan’s goal was to crush them and wreck their faith. In truth, the adversary wants to destroy the faith of every believer. This is why God wants to make us dead to sin and alive in Christ. So that the enemy can do little in our lives if our sinful flesh is dead to sin. The devil likes to sift peoples hearts and make them hypocrites. But God likes to the gut the soul like a fresh fish being gutted from the inside out. Our true faith and perseverance are revealed not in a walk of sinless perfection but in repentance and restoration. We get up and keep going, like Peter, after we fall. When Satan comes to sift us as wheat, we have an advocate, Jesus Christ, who intercedes for us. He will protect us so that the devil can never destroy our faith and hope. Jesus Christ began a good work in us, and He is faithful to complete it. This process is called sanctification, a total gutting of the soul but leaving you with a new mind and heart in Christ that the enemy can't touch.

Study Eccles. 9:12


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