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Proverbs of a 40 yr old man

There is something special and supernatural about a childlike faith. A child has a specific approach to life. They are not jaded by the sophistication of the world. They are real. They are humble. As children we tend to admit our needs and trust others can help. We are unpretentious and adventurous, lighthearted and imaginative. Fearless, willing to take risk with reckless joy. And then of course as we grow up we get jaded by the world. Instead of being real, we rationalize behaviors. We learn to put our personal spin on our short comings rather than deal with them. We become pretentious trying to impress people constantly and get into all kind of adventures to avoid things that truly matter. We start to hide our needs from others. From God. From ourselves. Playing it safe we settle for too little in life. Rather than live by faith, we embrace secular or religious legalism. Rather than just pleasing God by childlike faith we try to prove ourselves worthy by works. We are so full of fear, but we mask it well by busyness and addictions. Desperately trying to convince ourselves that we are content, when we know we have lost that childlike wonder for God and this life. Of course, children are easily fooled and led astray. In their artlessness they tend to miss the truth and be drawn to myths and fantasies. But that is not what is meant by having a childlike faith. Jesus promoted a humble, honest faith in God, and He used the innocence of a child as an example. Emulating the faith of children, we should simply take God at His Word. As children trust their earthly fathers, we should trust that our Father in heaven will give good gifts to those who ask him. There is a childlike modesty that we must pursue in addition to faith. Children are so maniable at heart. Destitute of ambition, pride, and haughtiness they are a good example for us to follow. Humble and teachable they are not prone to pride or hypocrisy. Humility is a virtue rewarded by God, ask Jesus today to make you humble like child again so that your faith can have the wonder of it all once again. No matter what age we are, we are always Gods children. Matured children of faith and trust in God.

Study Luke 18:17


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