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Proverbs of a 40 yr. old man

Lazy attitudes will destroy a fool. Gullible people kill themselves because they reject wisdom. And careless people are destroyed by their own lack of concern. Oh Christian, you are called to be child of God! To stop living as a slave to sin and live a son birthed in Righteousness of Christ! Hear the LORD say: My son, believe my words! They will bring you long life. I am guiding you in a wise way. I am leading you along straight paths. You will walk in safety. When you run, you will not fall. Hold on to my instructions! Learn them well! Guard my instructions, and they will give you a long life. Do not choose the same path as wicked men! Do not walk with evil men! Keep off evil paths! Do not travel on them! Turn away! Go elsewhere! Evil men cannot sleep before they have done an evil action. They cannot sleep before they have tripped up someone! An evil man thinks that his evil ways are better than bread. An evil man thinks that cruelty is better than wine. The good man walks at early dawn. The light shines brighter and brighter as the day begins. The evil man is like someone who walks at night, in the deepest darkness. He does not even know why he fell. My son, listen to me! Study my words! Do not forget my words! Remember them! If you study my words, you will receive health and strength. These lessons will protect your mind. They will save your life. Do not speak evil words! Do not tell lies! Look ahead!

Do not even glance at the evil things that surround you! Choose the best life! Choose the best route for life’s journey. Do not allow evil things to tempt you away from the right path! Do not turn right or left! Amen. Let us have the same attitude as Jesus and protect our heart and lives from folly and selfish desires.

Study Rom. 8:6


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