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Oh To Be Wise

Death has no limit. It will take the stray cat trying to cross a street. It will take a squirrel bounces from tree to tree falling to it's end. Also the man in corner freezing in the cold and the woman and child starving for food. Look over there even the evil person adds to deaths number. They are open graves dragging innoncent people to there deaths. Death will never be satisfied so why do we live our lives in sin and death? We spread this cancer of death to families and communities when we allow sin in our lives. Jesus has come to bring life to our dead world and light up those in the darkness of death. He has swallowed up death where death now has no sting. The abssys of death has been closed and the it's black hole is gone. Death and sin have been judged unworthy and there will be hell to pay. But life, eternal life has been opened now and forever more when Jesus stepped out of the grave. When God rolled away the stone, eternal light stepped out into death and destroyed it's darkness! Every day that passes the Light from the Kingdom of God in Christ is rising. Its horizon is seen in the hearts of men, women and children being changed by the Presence of God in them. Christ's life is the light for all mankind and the only way to escape the darkness of sin and death. Right now death still shows its shadow because of the plague of sin. But eternal life and light is here for all mankind! Step into this marvelous Light!

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