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Proverbs of a 34 yr old man.

The Grace of Jesus is like an unlimited can of Pringles. Jesus has given us such marvelous Grace by putting the bar low on perfection and the calling High on relationship. Everybody enters in through the shallow end, but then we are called out to the deep end. Come out to the deep waters and build your faith through relationship with Christ. The problem with the shallow waters is if you stay there, it begins to recede. The Holy Spirit is always flowing and if you are not pursuing the calling of Christ to your heart. You will find yourself falling into mud and mire, into a pit of despair. If you are in that place grab hold of the Rock of Christ in the thicket beside you and jump back into the waters of salvation. Don't be afraid of the waves or deep troubles. God will teach us to swim and bring us to His Peaceful waters.

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