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Proverbs of a 38 yr old man

Bible by the bed. Either by phone or paperback, its there by your side at all times in case of warfare. But don't leave home without it. Store it in a cool place in your heart and keep its pages fresh till you return home. Yes, put it in your wallet so you manage your money well. Put in your car so that you drive cautiously and patiently through dangerous busy roads. Take it with you to work so that you can apply wisdom and self control. Able to work hard not just for man but for God. Encouraging others through out the day with living scriptures that pour out from your stored heart. Share the living word from your heart to those in need, at your workplace, your customers and retailers, and the random people you meet. There is an abundance in you that you have stored up in personal study, and Holy Spirit will flow the pages of Scripture through you either by word or deed. And as you go to lunch you realize you need scripture more than your necessary food. And as you prepare to go home tonight you pray God's word as a blessing over your family. Bringing fresh affirmation and love to them when you see them, redeeming the time with your family lost throughout the day. And as you go back to rest at night you return the word of God back to the bible by your bed. Thanking the good LORD for it, for the freedom to read it and share it with those around you. Very grateful for your bible by the bed because there are so many who cannot have it by the bed, but still have in there heart. Morning and evening lets keep Gods word fresh on our hearts the same way its fresh on our bedroom or living room table. Take a look it again, if its been awhile, do you see dust and cobwebs all over it? That's probably how your heart looks right now before the LORD. Its time we take that bible by the bed with us daily and continue to store it in our hearts. Hold firmly to the word of life; then, on the day of Christ’s return, you will be proud that you did not run the race in vain and that your work was not useless.

Study Duet. 17:19


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